Janet Timmons

Senior Consultant, Finance and Operations

Janet Timmons is a Senior Consultant at Vibronyx, where she leads finance and operations consulting and supports client solutioning. In her role, Janet is responsible for facilitating stakeholder discovery, developing requirements, and cultivating a deep understanding of the people, processes and technologies involved in our clients’ toughest challenges.

Janet is an information-driven consultant with a talent for organizing to action. Bringing nearly 10 years of leadership experience in finance and operations, she understands how to help her clients make critical decisions and optimize for success. In addition, she has expertise in isolating key performance indicators to clearly tie operations to business goals, and in designing processes that cut unnecessary overhead while retaining and recruiting key talent.

Well-versed in creating more operationally agile teams, Janet is skilled in developing organizational designs and information systems that drive resilience, innovation, profitability and growth. She holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Boston University.