Vibronyx Awarded Phase II Follow-on Contract with Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to Modernize Food Management Systems

NASHVILLE, Tenn. August 26, 2019 – Vibronyx has been awarded a follow-on contract by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for its Modernization and Readiness Analysis of Food Management Systems. 

Phase I of the project resulted in the delivery of a digital transformation playbook, providing strategic guidance to develop, implement and maintain a modernized Joint Food Management System (JFMS) while also implementing process and organizational changes needed to drive operational excellence.

The Phase II contract focuses on research and analysis with each of the Armed Services to understand areas of friction and potential improvement to then define the Services’ desired business, functional and technical requirements for the JFMS. During the project Vibronyx will also develop capabilities to integrate data from the Armed Service’s Food Management Systems with DLA food supply chain data to perform proof of concept analytics with longitudinal data and develop enhanced prototype analytics dashboards.

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