Vibronyx presents at the R&DA Fall 2019 Meeting & Exhibition

Clayton Nicholas, Vibronyx CEO, was invited to present an update of the company’s Modernization and Readiness Analysis of Food Management Systems project at the semi-annual R&DA Conference.

The Research and Development Associates for Military Food and Packaging (R&DA) is an industry organization whose mission is to provide the safest and highest quality food and food service to the U.S. Armed Forces.

Meeting participants included hundreds of Department of Defense food supply chain stakeholders including Defense Logistics Agency and Military Services leadership, food industry manufacturers and distributors. Nicholas discussed the company’s use of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model as an industry best-practice to map the DoD’s food supply chain and Design Thinking strategic workshops to identify improvement opportunities.

Nicholas highlighted a framework used to prioritize process improvements; research on emerging technologies like machine learning, robotic process optimization and blockchain; and prototype dashboards developed by Vibronyx to visualize the DoD’s food supply chain across global Combatant Command geographies and to manage the supply chain using analytics-driven KPIs and metrics.

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